Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend Treatment Groups

Reid Wilson is getting ready to hold a few weekend treatment groups for people with panic disorder and OCD. Check out his website and get ready for a life changing weekend! You can read about my experience here.

If you live in the Chicago area, Dave Carbonell is also holding a 10 week panic attacks treatment group this coming Fall 2011.

Has anyone else attended either of these groups? If yes, what did you think? Does anyone have other resources they'd like to share?


Ashley said...

Wow! It's great to see you're back :-)
I was just sitting down to compose my FIRST post about my struggles with anxiety on my blog. Someone sent me the funniest picture the other day of a drawing of "Anxiety Girl" I was googling it and saw that you posted somthing. I think of you every time I drive on the interstate. Thanks for sharing your stuggles. It has been a huge encouragement. Can't wait to look at the anxiety humor and I really wish I could get to Reid Wilsons weekend camp.

Anxiety Girl said...

Hi Ashley! I'll have to pop over to your blog and look for your post - that's fantastic that you're sharing about your experience. You never know who will read that and say "me too!". I'm so glad you're out and about on the highway, too. How's the driving practice been going? One of these days we'll all have to meet up for our own weekend anxiety group. :) Take care!

Ashley said...

I wrote the post but didn't hit send. I have a lot of anxiety about my parents reading it and going into full blown vigilant(sp) parent mode. I have also been trying to give my blog a makeover so please excuse the mess. I think I'll head over and hit publish. Yes. I would love to to all meet up one day. I e-mail and facebook with Amy a lot.

Meredith said...

Hi ladies! i have been wondering how everyone is doing. Kristen - I missed your posts! Last time we talked on here I was a few months pregnant! I had the baby 8 weeks ago and things are going well. My anxiety was strangely better during the pregnancy and so far it is okay after delivery. I definitely have my panicky moments and struggle with some things but I have come a long way in the past year. It sounds like you guys are doing great as well! Ashley- I checked out your post on your blog about anxiety! You should be so proud of yourself! Sounds like you have made a lot of progress and your family is beautiful!

Anxiety Girl said...

Hey Meredith, Congrats on your new baby! Did you have a boy or girl? How's the adjustment been going? Sounds like your anxiety has been much better which is fantastic! Take care & hope to hear from you soon!

Ashley - awesome job publishing your post on anxiety. Any feedback from family & friends?

Ashley said...

Meredith: I wondered about you and your baby. I thought you might have had it by now. Glad to hear that everything is going so well. I know having a new baby is a huge adjustment for everybody. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I really struggled with whether or not I wanted to publish such an honest post ;-p Thinking about how much Kristen's openness has helped me made me want to publish though. So far no comments from my family. Either they have not read it or they have learned that I don't like them to make a big deal out of it. For some reason I like talking about it with my friends but NOT my parents. I think I feel responcible for their emotions. Sounds like I need some more therapy.

Kristen: Thanks for the sweet comment. I am working on another anxiety post. It's almost finished. I have driven on the interstate 3 more times with my kids. I did fine but I know I looked like an old lady clutching her steering wheel for dear life and going 60 mph. When did everyone start driving so fast!!!! HA! my hubby just told me there was a minimum speed limit too. Hope you are doing well. I would love to hear how the book thing is going and how you are doing with your anxiety.

Anxiety Boy said...

I just found out about your blog, and you inspired me. I have never blogged before, but am suffering from social anxiety. I just created my first blog post tonight, and would love for some of you to come along on my journey with me. Hopefully I can help shed some light into the world of social anxiety.

Anxiety Girl said...

Welcome Anxiety Boy! Thanks for stopping by & I'll definitely check out your new blog. Way to go! If you get a chance, go over to and and see what you think about their info on social anxiety.

Anonymous said...

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