Friday, January 16, 2015

Movie night!

If you haven't been introduced to Lynn Lyons yet, today is your lucky day. She & Reid Wilson co-wrote a book called "Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents" which is filled with skills building information that's helpful for both kids and adults.

This video was filmed during a training she did for teachers and is just under 2 hours. I'll wait while you go pop some popcorn, get a notebook & pencil. Go on. It's totally worth your time whether or not you're watching to build your own skills and/or those of your kids and family. I've forwarded this video on to a few friends with kids who struggle with anxiety and they've all raved at how much they learned and how excited they were to have a game plan.

Enjoy & let me know what you think!


Heavenly1 said...

Hi Kristin, I was wondering if you've ever tried any natural herbal supplements for anxiety and if so which ones work?

Anxiety Girl said...

I've tried a little of this a little of that over the years, but more as part of being healthy as opposed to decreasing anxiety. I do 20 min or so of yoga a few times a week, use essential oils (mostly lavender), try to meditate and at times use lemon balm & valerian usually in an herbal tea. I don't like taking medicine, so it's more when I want to sleep better at night.

Have you used any herbal supplements or teas and had success?

Heavenly1 said...

Hi Kristin, i use teas like chamomile, sleepytime, and sweet dreams that i find in Walmart and they help to relax me when I'm having mild anxiety but they don't work well for the stronger anxiety. I've read info on Valerian but have never tried it because it's said to have sedative effects and I like things that coax me to sleep naturally and not just put me to sleep. Does that make sense? Since I recently started reading your blog, I find your info trustworthy and Im wondering what are your thoughts on supplements like tranquilene and have you ever tried anything like that? I would also like to know what effects you've experienced with valerian? I value your opinion and would love to hear your thoughts!

Heavenly1 said...

Please tell me I didn't post the same comment like 5 times. My phone is acting crazy and if I did please erase some of them. Thanks!

Anxiety Girl said...

I've never tried tranqueline so can't speak to that supplement. I've tried valerian in capsule form a few times at night just to see how my body reacts and found that I slept deeply and had more vivid dreams. I've also tried the Tazo tea which has valerian in it. Not a great taste, honestly, and I gravitate to other relaxing tea blends. Sounds like you've found some good ones!

My personal experience doing anything with the purpose of taking anxiety away or in an effort to avoid feeling the anxiety, is that it ends up making the anxiety stronger. If I drink my herbal tea and do yoga and meditate regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle, it does help overall, but not if I quick try to do yoga before an anxiety provoking situation, praying that it will work. Does that make sense?

So, if there's a supplement you want to try, I'd do your research & check with your doctor, but make sure you also keep up with your exposure work - going toward anxiety instead of avoiding- because that's the most powerful tool & you don't have to buy anything to use it.
Take care!

Heavenly1 said...

Thanks Kristin, I will do the exposure work and I will speak with my doctor about a supplement. I don't do yoga but I do work out at my gym a few times a week, drink my teas, pray, and keep up with what I eat. Doing all of that is what has helped so far but I was just curious. I appreciate your thoughts and you be blessed!