Saturday, October 3, 2009

Anxiety Coach has got a brand new bag

If you haven't been on Dave Carbonell's site recently, head on over and check out the new look! His newsletter is fantastic, as well, and I encourage you to sign up and enjoy the information and inspiration. Here's the email I just received from his website:

"You may recall that I suspended publication of my Anxiety Coach® newsletter this summer in order to upgrade the website. I'm now ready to resume publishing the newsletter. If you want to receive it, please visit the site at and sign up again.

Please do this now, so you don't miss any issues. If you don't want to receive the newsletter any longer, just discard this e-mail and you will no longer be on the list.

I also want to invite you to stop by the new website, at <> . There is a lot of new material, including more articles about panic and worry.

Feedback about the site, suggestions for articles, and reporting typos are always welcome!

Dave Carbonell, Ph.D. <>
A self help guide for recovery from fears and phobias"
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Laura said...

Great site, thanks for the tip! I also wanted to share the magazine cover story in the New York Times from this weekend 10/4/09. It is called "Understanding The Anxious Mind".


Anxiety Girl said...

Yeah, it looks like a great article. I've been slowly making my way through it & will post on it or at least just put the link in a post. The biological piece is fascinating - especially when they talked about babies who they followed into adulthood. Thanks Laura!