Saturday, September 13, 2008


I love finding a great, new resource book. And, just as much, I love being able to share one with others.

Maybe you've heard of this one already, but it's called, "Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression" by James S. Gordon, M.D. I've only just begun to make my way through it, but can tell already that it's a gem even for those of us who don't lean toward depression.

Dr. Gordon states that depression is not pathology, but a wake up call that your life is out of balance. This wake up call offers you the opportunity to make the classic heroes journey, which he guides you through using a holistic and integrative approach. He reminds the reader that at the crux of crisis are the Chinese characters representing danger and opportunity. Meditation, exercise, guided imagery, spirituality, movement (dance, yoga), & eastern medicine are just a few of the tools you'll find in this guidebook along with practical exercises to integrate them into your life.

Unstuck appears to be a book not just for those struggling with depression, but for anyone feeling stuck in their lives and wanting to find greater fulfillment. I picked my copy up at the library -- Let me know what you think!


TroyC said...

Dr. Gordon has created a free, 4 part web-based video class (with downloadable materials) for people who can't access his book, Unstuck. Think Eckhard Tolle on Oprah - same concept. Check it out at

Anxiety Girl said...

Thanks so much for the info - it looks like a great class & I added that link to my latest post.

Bethany said...

Just found your blog. I've been dealing with "asthma" for the last nine years and am only beginning to understand that many, if not most, of my health issues are actually anxiety.

My therapist gave me "The Feeling Good Handbook" by Dr. David Burns. It's gigantic, but am so far enjoying it. I also picked up the Panic Attack Workbook, which has been an awesome resource.

I'll definitely keep reading. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Anxiety Girl said...

Hey Bethany -- Thanks for your comment. The Burns book is gigantic, but good info & I'm glad you like the Carbonell workbook. I love his sense of humor & writing style.

I'm glad you're figuring out what's going on. How frustrating to be thinking your symptoms were asthma & find out it's anxiety. That's so common - it's great you're figuring it out & treating it now.

Two other resources: R. Reid Wilson is based in Durham, NC & runs weekend treatment groups (he's an anxiety guru) - see - he also has a booklet called "Facing Panic" that's available on his site. I think it's about 40 or so pages & is chock full of really practical, very helpful information.

Best of luck to you & take care!