Sunday, September 21, 2008

Self Care

It feels like, for years, I've been saying, "This is the week I'm going to start going to bed at 10pm - no matter what's still left on my To Do list. I'm going to exercise every day. And, I'm going to watch my sugar intake." (Well, truth be told, I usually say, "And, I'm not going to eat sugar this week!" But let's not get carried away.) I have a strong suspicion that doing these things will make me feel good, increase my energy, & decrease my overall anxiety, but for some reason, I find myself up at all hours trying to fit more hours into the day.

So, will you join me in taking better care of yourself this week? I'm not sure what that looks like for you, but I'm going to stick to my daily walks & weights, go to bed by 10pm & stay away from desserts as much as possible.

Let me know how your week goes & what's working for you! NEXT week is: do at least one thing everyday that scares you. I invite you to start thinking about what those 7 days might look like!


nikole said...

how did it go?

Next week, I'm going to try going to start working on my jewelry again. I have a feeling it will re-energize me.

Anxiety Girl said...

Hi Nikole! Thanks for your comment - it went ok. I was really good the first 3 days being in bed by 10ish, walking daily & watching the sugar. But, Steve worked late all week, my baby is teething & not sleeping well & it all kinda unraveled. What the week did help me to do was to just be more aware. I realized that some days, as we were getting lunches/backpacks packed & kids fed in the morning, I wasn't eating breakfast or drinking water & getting depleted by lunch time. I realized that I hardly sit down anymore. It was also a good reminder to surrender - that life with 3 small children will not last forever & to drop the expectation that I can find balance - to just keep doing the best I can & not stay up late playing catch up.

I can't wait to hear about your post Thea jewelry! Have a wonderful week!