Friday, July 16, 2010

Even more summer reading - a few wonderful articles

I've added a new sidebar to my blog where I'm beginning to list articles I think are great. Some are from Reid Wilson's newsletters; others are from Dave Carbonell's website; and I've thrown in a few from Martha Beck over at "O" magazine. Enjoy & see you soon to discuss chapters 4 & 5 of our summer workbook!


amy said...

Great articles!! Love reading about avoidance, gets me inspired :) Just dropping by to check on everyone! How is everybody? Hope all is well :)



Ashley said...

Hope everyone is well. We have been sick with a stomach bug for the last week. I was pretty much confined to the house for the entire week and it did terrible things to my anxiety level. I think it’s so important for me to make an effort to do the things that scare me on a regular basis. I did finally go to Target yesterday!!!!! I went with the intention of just sitting in the starbucks up front for a while but ended up spending an hour walking around the store! I even bought a couple of things. I felt lots of waves of anxiety while I was there but didn’t run this time  I really have been doing a lot of things that scare me but I don’t really feel different about them yet. I think I would be nervous to go to target today if I needed to??? Has anyone ever had a tight band feeling around their head??? I have had this the last two weeks and it’s really bothering me. I also have a ton of tension in my neck and shoulders.

Kristen: I was wondering…what do you avoid? What would your life look like without anxiety?

Amy: Hope your doing well. I am working on my blog. I’m not to savvy with all this stuff. Hopefully it will be ready for viewing soon.

Wishing you all a peaceful week!

amy said...

Ashley-Sorry to hear about the stomach bug, YUCK! I'm sure that was tough, but hopefully everyone is getting stronger :)

Once again, you're doing great things!! It's hard, but you're finding the courage. Doesn't it feel like we have to dig up the courage EVERYDAY just to do simple things? I feel like it will get easier. I hear what you're saying about doing what scares you, having the anxiety along the way, but not necessarily feeling different. I guess we just want the anxiety gone! Maybe it's the whole point of feeling uncomfortable and not worrying about it or wishing it away, just going with it. My understanding is that the more you do this, eventually the sensitivity to it will dissipate until it's finally gone.

Also, I have experienced so many symptoms (breathing being the worst), but I haven't felt that band around the head yet? I've read about people having that's par for the course I suppose. However, the neck and shoulder tension- OH YES!! Sometimes I feel like my shoulders are up to my ears b/c I'm so tense. I just try and relax my shoulders, do some shoulder rolls and just generally stretch my arms and neck.

So excited to see your blog!! I love following blogs (especially those that I can relate to :) ). My blog design is done by someone else...mine use to be pretty plain, but I paid someone $30 to do that for me. Her name should be on my sidebar if you're interested. P.S. I find myself praying for you ladies on here all the heart goes out to you all, it's such a challenge, but we're going to be stronger and more courageous people from this. People that can and will go on to help others and be more compassionate for people. It's funny, I was in a wedding this weekend and I met TWO people that just came out and told me that they were feeling claustrophic and panicky at the reception. I'd never met them...I talked to them about it and I feel like I made them feel better. People like that are put in our path so that we can be comforted or so we can comfort others. I'm thankful for you ladies :)

Kristin-Yes, I'd love to hear what you tend to avoid (certain roads I know, but anything else?) And what your life would look like w/o it? Good questions Ashley!

Ya'll have a good week!!

Anxiety Girl said...

Ashley - Hope your family is feeling better! The stomach bug is no fun - especially when it makes it way through 5 people!

By the way - your Target adventure sounds awesome! Way to go! You know, I tend to feel anxious with exposure work for a while until it becomes part of my routine (this can take longer than I want it to). And, it helps if I "talk back" to my anxiety and try to bring on symptoms. The good news is that there are stretches of highway that I take all the time now & I can't believe they ever made me nervous -- years ago, they were my practice routes.

Amy - so great that you were able to connect with other anxiety superheroes. I was talking to someone a few weeks ago who told me about their phobias & it's so nice to connect on a real level like that & help someone feel like they're not alone.

What would my life look like without anxiety? On page 3, I answered that b/c of anxiety I'm unable to "feel totally free". So, my life without anxiety (and if I had more money): I would take my kids on out of town trips to see friends by myself; I would drive my children and their friends to go more places (i.e. Mom - can we go bowling and invite 2 friends); I would travel more in general - I would love to go back to Europe; make it to Australia (can't imagine right now surviving the flight); I would take more risks professionally/try new things/stretch myself more; I think I would hang out with friends more one on one (like going out for dinner) if I wasn't worried about being seen anxious.

I do take on a lot of my anxious situations, but struggle with lots of anticipatory anxiety & fighting anxiety in the moment. What do I avoid: I think the biggest thing I avoid is feeling anxious and/or being seen anxious.

I don't consider myself a socially anxious person deep down, but I definitely get anxious, worrying that I might be anxious in front of someone & wondering what they'll think. I had one panic attack during a coffee date (and this friend has anxiety, as well), but it's just stuck with me as a trigger. So, I don't always make plans to meet someone for dinner or coffee alone b/c I'm worried I'll get anxious & it will feel weird. I avoid talking about my anxiety, even though I keep a blog on the subject (isn't that funny?). Does anyone else find it hard to describe to others what exactly you're worried will happen?

Anxiety Girl said...

Ashley - I'd love to check out your blog -- would you share the link?