Friday, November 20, 2009

Face it Fridays!

Good morning! So, I have to admit that I did my face it friday challenge yesterday. We're heading out of town for a few days & I knew there would be no time today. Although, I should count (mostly) keeping my cool while we try to pack up the mini-van; negotiate. . .you know, who's way to pack is the "right way"; and three gorgeous, but wild and excited, children scream & run through the house.

"Mommy - she hit me! Mama - look at my slip knot - woohoo, I'm a cowgirl! Mom - did you pick up the 3rd Percy Jackson book yet? I can't clean that up - I'm too tiiired!" Thank God for a little PBS Kids in times like these!

Alright, so yesterday I chipped away at that bridge/roller coaster exit some more. I crossed the downtown bridge, took the first exit, came back across & then jumped onto the downtown expressway exit. I should videotape that for you - it really is a silly design - all loopy & rollercoastery right over our downtown area. Who thought up that design?

With exposure like this, I like to repeat it over & over & over again until I'm not getting rushes of adrenaline. Yesterday, I went in reminding myself of the attitude "I want this anxiety" & tried to increase symptoms. Turning around on the exit, I noticed that I, um, really didn't want to be anxious after all, and had to talk to myself again when the rushes came back, "I do want this anxiety. This is how I get over it. I can handle it."

I hope you have a wonderful weekend & take some time to get out there & stir up some trouble for yourself!


Jess said...

Excellent challenge, way to go for facing it! That highway exchange really is ridiculous, too. ;)

Anxiety Girl said...

Thanks Jess! Ooh, I just read your half moon post & LOVE your writing - I could create the image in my mind & feel like I was right there.

Aimée said...

Way to go anxiety girl! I love your attitude and I wish I had more of that in me. You are so brave and you set such a great example.