Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dave Carbonell talks about "The Panic Trick"

Have you checked out Dave Carbonell's workbook yet? It's fantastic - go grab one! You can also see him here as he talks about panic as an insidious trick. True, the video quality is not fancy, but the message is really good. This video is part one of two. What do you think?


Z. Treed said...

Dr. Carbonell's book has been a godsend for me, so it's good to see the good man behind the great insight & advice. Panic is a trickster, all right. But at least if you recognize it as such -- name it and claim it, if you will -- you can outsmart it.

Nice blog, btw. I just bookmarked it!

Anxiety Girl said...

Thanks for visiting! Yeah, I think Dr. Carbonell is fantastic & it's great to see him bringing his expertise into the youtube arena for more people to access!