Friday, July 25, 2008

Super Powers

Are you an anxiety super hero? Sometimes we need to appreciate some of the super qualities that may increase our anxiety, but also make us compassionate human beings.

*Empathy – Are you someone who can walk into a room filled with people and instantly feel everyone else’s emotions? Without talking, can you intuit who’s struggling inside?
*Intuition: Do you consistently get gut feelings about things that usually end up spot on?
*Cat-like reflexes: Fight or flight? No problem. Burning building? You’d be the first one out with someone on your back.
*Courage: Do you regularly choose to practice with intense feelings of anxiety in an effort to accept, surrender and allow anxiety to loosen it’s grip?
*Humor – Do you have the ability to laugh at yourself and find the humor in absurd fears?


nyjlm said...

I found your blog via kindnessgirl via jen lemen. Oh my gosh, I think I identify with every post I've read so far.
I love the idea of super powers. I think anxious people also have the super power of observation. We are compassionate because of our super powers- it isn't always easy to sit with the anxiety, but we do have so much to offer.

Anxiety Girl said...

Thanks for commenting! It feels good to be building community & know that there are so many great people out there dealing with similar issues. Yes, we need to add compassion & observation for sure!